Metropolis Design and Prototyping is a full service product development and prototyping firm. Since 1989 we have been helping our clients grow their business by transforming ideas into successful products. Keeping design, prototyping, and small-run manufacturing under one roof guarantees better quality control and faster turn around times.

Prototyping Slide 1 - Ratchet and Clank Painted Prototype
Prototyping Slide 2 - Kapitol Reef Snorkel
Prototyping Slide 3 - Boart Longyear Scaled Model
Prototyping Slide 4 - Gyrocize Prototype
Prototyping Slide 5 - Black Diamond Prototype
Prototyping Slide 6 - Smith Optics Goggle Lens Prototype
Prototyping Slide 7 - Wii Gun Housing Cast Prototype
Prototyping Slide 8 - Desert Tactical Marketing Photo of Gun
Prototyping Slide 8 - Flexpoint Prototype

rapid prototyping

Nothing is better for demonstrating a potential product than an actual prototype that can be handled, critiqued, and used in demonstrations. The inherent value of Metropolis rapid prototypes is turnaround time. Depending on the product configuration and the process chosen, Metropolis can deliver finished prototypes in as little as a few hours.