Metropolis Design and Prototyping is a full service product development and prototyping firm. Since 1989 we have been helping our clients grow their business by transforming ideas into successful products. Keeping design, prototyping, and small-run manufacturing under one roof guarantees better quality control and faster turn around times.

High School Yearbooks Laser Processes Slide 1 - Laser cut out of School Yearbook
Salem 6 Laser Processes Slide 2 - Laser etched Gas Piston for mka 1919
Lacrosse Trophy Laser Processes Slide 3 - Laser etched Lacrosse Trophy
Salem 6 Laser Processes Slide 4 - Laser marked tube stock adapter for mka 1919
Laser Processes Slide 5 - Laser etched Cylinders

laser processes

Metropolis now has a 75 watt laser engraver. We can laser etch into metal, cut through many plastics, and wood burn with high precision. these processes can be used on the prototype of your product or mark it in production.