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Salem 6 Slide 1 - mka 1919 marketing photo for Salem 6
Salem 6 Slide 2 - Machined and Laser Marked Base Plate for mka 1919
Salem 6 Slide 3 - Machined Tube Stock Adapters before anodizing for mka 1919
Salem 6 Slide 4 - Machined and Laser Marked Tube Stock Adapter
Salem 6 Slide 5 - Laser Marked Gas Piston for mka 1919
Salem 6 Slide 6 - Machined Charging Handle for mka 1919

salem 6

Salem 6 needed high quality parts for a low cost. Metropolis was able machine, tumble, and laser mark their products in house saving them time and money. Metropolis also did the design and prototyping on this project.