Metropolis Design and Prototyping is a full service product development and prototyping firm. Since 1989 we have been helping our clients grow their business by transforming ideas into successful products. Keeping design, prototyping, and small-run manufacturing under one roof guarantees better quality control and faster turn around times.

production questions

Q: Do you have a minimum quantity that must be ordered?
A: No, we specialize in prototyping, which can be as few as one up to several hundred prototypes of your product.

Q: What size parts can your CNC mill cut?
A: Our large milling platform has 48” of travel in the x, 20” in the y, and 20” in the z dimension.

Q: What are your tolerances?
A: Accuracy is very high, typically within .002 in. Machining to tolerances of less than .001 is routinely accomplished when required.

Q: What materials do you machine?
A: Almost any standard material woods, plastics, and metals.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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